Air Conditioning units that are perfect for an apartment

I have stayed in a number of different apartment units during my lifetime, some nicer than others. Those I have enjoyed the most overlook greenery and are relatively quiet. Noise pollution can really irritate me, though I have grown far more accustomed to the occasional car rumble from a nearby road or the neighbor’s dog barking. Moreover, I have grown far more accustomed to air conditioner noise. Unfortunately, it seems that many apartment complexes do not invest in silent air conditioner units. These AC units can really increase noise pollution and are something of an annoyance. This is especially so if the air conditioner is directly outside one’s window, as is often the case. The problem posed by a noisy air conditioner unit is even more pronounced if one is on the first floor and such that the AC unit is only three feet or so from the bedroom window. Most of the louder air conditioning units that I have experienced are loudest when the outdoor fan blades begin spinning.

However, I have also experience significant noise pollution from the indoor working of air conditioner units, as well as furnaces kicking during the colder days. It would be really great if apartment complexes invested a bit more in silent air conditioning and heating units. This is especially so when it comes to complexes that are densely packed with air conditioner units and whose apartment walls are thin. Perhaps, one day, there will be means of heating and cooling with units or systems that are both quieter and more economical than the current sort of air conditioner and heating units that are found in many apartment complexes.

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