Air Conditioning in a hot climate

I have enjoyed living in several locations with hot climates. Summers are usually unbearably hot, in that you cannot go outside for more than five minutes or so without breaking into a full-body sweat and wondering whether or not it is healthy to continue on outside. Upon visiting these warmer climates from more moderate climates, one will quickly notice that hardly anyone is outside during the daytime hours. It is only after the sun has set, or nearly set, that individuals begin to venture outside. It is in these climates, that a reliable air conditioner unit is needed.

At least, one needs an air conditioner unit to cool the apartment or house during the summer months. During the fall and early winter months, however, the warmer afternoon and cool nights lend themselves well to doing without air conditioners. I have recently enjoyed a much smaller utility bill because of this. However, it is starting to get a bit too cool for my liking, and so I am considering turning on the heater during the night. While my dwelling is comfortable during the day, it is a bit too cold during the night. It’s nice to save money by not running the air conditioner during the day, but suffering without a heater during the night can be a bit miserable. I’d prefer to run the heater during the night so I can get a good night’s sleep, than saving a few extra dollars and find myself tired each day. In the morning, I suppose I could simply turn the heater off and let the place sufficiently cool so that I don’t have to run the air conditioner during the day. This method of heating and cooling seems plausible to me. It’s still very nice to have the option of running an air conditioner or heater if needed, however.

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