Air conditioning that’s perfect for a beach community

I have visited several different coasts around the world and enjoy warm, beach-appropriate weather. It is really a blast to go swim in the ocean and ride the waves back to the shore, or to simply stroll the beach and pick up seashells. At the end of the day, there is really nothing like eating dinner out on your second or third-story balcony and looking over a nearby bay or the ocean itself. Many days, it is not necessary to have an air conditioner or a heater, as the air temperature is just right. Moreover, the breeze that blows in from the ocean keeps one sufficiently cool during summer months, so an AC unit is not needed. However, I imagine that one would need a heater or a furnace during the winter months, at least in many of the vacation homes that I have visited. A heater would be nice, as the heating it provides would allow one to enjoy the deck during winter months – even many seaside getaways get too chilly in the winter to go without heating units! Then again, perhaps it would be relatively inefficient to heat a deck that is not covered. If the deck was covered and the heater or furnace was efficient, however, then heating the deck during winter months and cooling it during summer months with an air conditioner seems financially plausible. Moreover, during the summer months, it would not be such a big deal if the air conditioner broke, and there would be no pressing need for an HVAC technician to quickly repair it. This is because the cool breeze from the ocean really does a great job and cooling, and thus renders an air conditioner unit inessential. Nonetheless, it might be nice to have such an air conditioning unit for occasions when one wants to sit outside during the hotter days.

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