This air purifier has been running 24/7

With all of the recent health concerns, I am much more aware of the cleanliness and hygiene of my home. Along with being very conscientious about disinfecting surfaces, I decided to be proactive about indoor air quality. I realize that air quality significantly affects both the mental and physical health of my family. I’ve invested into a whole-home air purifier that is installed into the ductwork and treats every cubic inch of air reached by the furnace and air conditioner. Initially, I wasn’t quite sure whether I needed to run the air purifier when the house was empty or my whole family was asleep. I was tempted to shut it off in order to save on energy bills. I did some research into the operation of air purifiers and read that the air in the home is constantly changing. Indoor contaminants are introduced every time someone showers, cooks, uses personal hygiene products or folds clothes. Plus, my family and our pets generate dander. Outdoor pollutants enter the home whenever a window or door is opened. Because the home isn’t perfectly sealed, harmful toxins can get inside even when all the windows and doors are closed. The air purifier I selected works by both sending positive and negative ions into the air and trapping pollutants by way of a filter. The system purifiers the air multiple times per hour. Turning off the air purifier allows pollutants to begin to accumulate and creates more work and bigger problems. Letting the air purifier run continuously ensures that new contaminants are removed or killed as they are introduced. Since most people spend about one third of life sleeping, the air quality in the bedrooms is especially important. Running the air purifier at night is essential. 

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