The duct sealing improved the performance of my furnace by so much

Last winter was especially brutal. The weather cooled off in late September and forced me to start up the furnace much earlier than usual. By Thanksgiving, the outdoor temperature was below freezing and there was six inches of snow on the ground. We were hit with a nasty blizzard that accumulated feet of snow over the Christmas holidays. The month of January was the worst. The temperature dropped down to negative twenty-six and remained there. The wind chill made it feel even colder. The furnace seemed to run non stop and yet failed to meet demand. I kept adjusting the thermostat a few degrees higher and yet my house was chilly. I noticed a significant difference in temperature from one room to the next. Thinking there was a problem with the heating system, I called a local HVAC contractor for repairs. He checked out the furnace and found nothing beyond a slight buildup of dust within the inner workings.

He tested the ductwork and discovered the source of the problem. Leaks at the seams of the ducts were allowing approximately 20% of the heated air to escape. I was a little concerned by how the HVAC contractor would access the pipes to repair them since they are concealed in the walls and ceilings. However, he used a technology called Aeroseal that fixes the ducts from the inside. A combination of high pressure airflow and adhesive polymer particles are injected into the duct system. As the air escapes by way of holes or cracks, those particles cling to the edges, steadily build up and form an airtight seal. The process was completed in a couple of hours with no mess or damage.

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