Scheduling a repair for your heating and cooling

A few days ago, I had a huge problem with the HVAC unit in my apartment. I came home from a long day at work, and discovered my apartment was 77 degrees. After further examination of the HVAC unit, I found out that the entire unit was frozen like a sheet of solid ice. I tried to call the landlord, but my cell phone kept disconnecting. I figured that I would get better service outside, so I went out to the patio to make the phone call. It took four attempts, before I finally reached the landlord. I explained the situation with my HVAC unit, and she agreed to call the HVAC carrier. A few minutes later, she called back to tell me it would take one hour for the help to arrive. I decided to go back inside and rest on the couch for a few minutes.

When I tried to open the front door, I realized that I accidentally locked myself out of the apartment. I was mad, frustrated, and a little agitated at this point. I called the landlord again, and explained that I had locked myself out of the apartment, She wanted to know how I knew the A/C was frozen, if I was locked out of the house. It took ten minutes to explain that part of the story to her. By the time the manager arrived with keys, the HVAC carrier was arriving also. It took over an hour for the HVAC carrier to thaw out my unit. They found a clogged pipe to be the issue with our unit. 

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