Every office building in America should have air conditioning

I have shared an office with several individuals, in the past. It is sometimes quite nice to have others working alongside you. The productive attitude and intentions are contagious, and this is a good thing as it better keeps me on task. Sometimes, however, officemates can distract each other intentionally or unintentionally. This is usually just fine, as it provides a needed break from the daily grind. When working in a shared office, I quickly noticed how the cooling system works. I am not sure if this is how many office air conditioning setups work, or not. Our air conditioning and heating system was such that our office floor was divided into several regions. There was only one air conditioner thermostat per region, and several offices composed a single region. The air conditioner thermostat was only in one office, and so this gave almost all control of the cooling and heating to those who occupied the office with the air conditioner thermostat. This seemed a bit odd to me, that they would create such an air conditioner array so that some would have this level of control over the heating and cooling of others. You would think they would at least put the air conditioner thermostat in the hallway, so that all could be held accountable for responsible and consider air conditioning and heating use. Nonetheless, our air conditioner was never abused, as far as I could tell. Also, I wonder if an HVAC technician could quickly change the location of the thermostat, or if that would require an intensive HVAC service project.

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