Maintaining your heating and cooling system

Now that your Heat Pump Installation is complete, I bet you’re wondering how you keep your heat pump working for a decade or longer. The answer is simple. Like all machines, heat pumps only work well when they are well maintained.  There are a few maintenance things that you can do yourself. Others need to be done by a licensed professional. Let’s go through them all.

First, and probably the easiest, is checking your air filters. This needs to be done at least once a month. If they become soiled, replace them. Some heat pumps have reusable air filters. If this is the case, simply clean the air filter as needed.

Just as important, you need to keep your heat pump free of ice, snow, leaves, or anything else that can block airflow. if your heat pump should become encased in ice or snow, turn it off and then pour warm water over the unit until the ice and snow melts away. Never use hot water though. This could damage your heat pump. Also never use anything sharp to pick the ice off because this could also damage your heat pump and it is not safe. If there is ice on your heat pump in summer months, you are running your thermostat too low. Make sure to keep your thermostat above 70 degrees. Turn off the heat pump and follow the above steps, then adjust your thermostat.

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