Keeping your HVAC equipment clean

Dirt, debris, and leaves can be removed from the heat pump with a hose. If it’s really dirty, you can even use a degreaser to help remove the filth. Keeping bushes pruned back at least two feet from the heat pump will also help your heat pump work well.

The next few items need to be done by a professional. Before using the air conditioner in the spring, the condensation pan needs to be cleaned and drained. Additionally, some models of heat pumps need to be oiled at least once a year. Finally, it’s good to have your entire heat pump inspected by a heating and cooling technician annually as well. Just to make sure everything is running as it should be.

That’s it, with just a few check ups and a little bit of care, your heat pump should last many years and keep you comfortably warm or comfortably cool year round. 

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