Learning how you change air conditioning filters

Even though I lived far away from him for much of my childhood, my father still taught me many important lessons as I was growing up.  Before I was old enough to use his power tools, he put together a tiny tool belt for me that included a small hammer, screw driver, and pliers.  My first project was building a tiny bird house that we eventually hung right outside our kitchen window next to our hummingbird feeder. It was amazing to see birds flocking to eat from my small wooden creation, and it sparked in me a desire to work with my hands in all places in life.  Whenever I started to learn about more aspects of being a homeowner, my father would continuously teach me even more. I was particularly thankful that he taught me how to change our air conditioner filter at a young age.

Our air handler at the time was conveniently inside a small closet near our living room. It allowed for easy access, and I could even reach the filter tray without a step ladder.  I gained the confidence early on with something that is always going to be an importance no matter how old you get. I’m living with roommates right now and the three of them were planning on signing up for filter changes with the heating and cooling company. It was a contract that included nothing but new filters and the labor fee to replace them, but I did the math and it was too expensive. Now I simply find our filters at bulk prices on the internet where we can use our collective money.  Since I know how to swap them out after my father showed me years ago, I could circumvent the labor fee as well.

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