Finding a solution to my air quality problems

I thought it was normal to get colds several times each year.  I usually got hit at the beginning of autumn and at the onset of spring.  All of the bouts of bronchitis and getting plagued with the flu on a constant basis seemed like total normalcy for me.  As I got older, I realized more and more that I was not indicative of the norm and actually had other issues underlying my constant throes with sickness.  I learned that I had severe allergies to all sorts of environmental stimuli, with dust, pollen, and mold spores being the three worst culprits for giving me severe symptoms.  When you have horrible allergies, you’re driven to find anything that will make your symptoms abate. Your doctor will prescribe you different kinds of medications, from antihistamines to steroid infused inhalers and nasal sprays.  Some of these medications can make you tired while others can make you feel strung out. I was hoping to find a better solution than only relying on medications to get through each day. I bought two separate air purifying devices, one with a UV light and another with an ionizer and HEPA filter. 

Between those two machines, I can get the indoor air in my house to be as clean as anyone could want. Then when I added UV lights (AKA UV air purifier) to the inside of my HVAC air handler, I removed any possibility of mold or microbial growth inside my air conditioner. All of these steps have gone a long way in improving my respiratory and sinus health.  At least I can feel the relief I need while I’m safely inside my house.

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