HVAC in different climates around the USA

No matter where you live in the great US of A, you will need a quality HVAC unit. During my time in beautiful New England, after long days spent hiking through snowy forests, or sailing across frigid waters, chilled bones are greeted happily by a whirring heater like a hug. Icy windows are fogged from the warm air, creating a picturesque night with family and friends. You never need too much air conditioning, because it doesn’t usually get too warm, but you never know when those few weeks of heat will reach you all the way up there. As you migrate south, you come into a much warmer climate. The South, and over to the Midwest, will have stark seasonal differences. In some states will always need an HVAC system that is ready to blow its heat or its cold air at a minutes notice. At the change of a season you can have a day with highs in the 50’s followed by a day with highs in the 80’s, with seemingly no explanation. As you move further west, the weather becomes almost perfect, hanging around the 60’s and 70’s almost every day of the year on the coast. But, again, you never know when you’ll have a burst of heat or a cold front and need a good HVAC system just in case! As you move up to the Pacific Northwest, prepare for lots of hiking and rainy days. Just like the other regions, though, seasons come and go. Freezing winters lead into steamy summers, with fall and spring in between. No matter where you are, you can never underestimate the importance of a great HVAC system. 

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