Heating systems that are perfect for the winter weather

Winter is my favorite season. I love the way a warm house feels when it’s cold outside. One of my favorite feelings, in fact, is the feeling of my body warming up in a well-heated house. When I come in from the cold, and the heater is running, it almost feels like I am defrosting. I so enjoy being in a warm home on a cool day, that it is difficult to motivate myself to leave the house on days like this! Sometimes an HVAC can be so luxurious, I never want to be without it. But it’s worth it to get out in the elements, even just so I can come back inside and warm up again with the furnace-like warmth of my heater. A heater is like an oversized, fluffy sweater that I never want to take off. It is always an exciting day when it’s finally cold enough to turn on my heater.

Usually I can feel it coming the night before the front blows in—the temperature begins to drop a little—then when I wake up in the morning, it’s time. I run to the thermostat and turn on the heat, I hear the HVAC kick into action, and I startup my coffee pot to enjoy my cozy morning. Sometimes in the winter I like to open up a window while my heater is running so I can have a little mixture of cold and hot air in the house, this combination goes perfectly with some rich hot chocolate and a peppermint scented candle burning. It’s hard to beat winter when you have a good heater!   

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