HVAC equipment that’s great for any new business

I own and operate a small dance studio, which is located in a much larger business complex.  The other businesses and I share a parking lot, building upkeep, and utilities. For the most part, this works out really well, and saves us all time and money.  Unfortunately, the building was originally set up as one giant commercial space and there is only a single thermostat. The thermostat is located inside a jewelry store, which operates from nine to five, six days a week.  The jeweler likes to keep his shop nice and warm for his customers in the winter, and not overly cool during the summer months. This does not work at all for my needs. I would prefer to keep the dance studio much cooler than is comfortable for retail customers.  My students are involved in a rigorous physical activity and quickly feel overheated, sluggish and sweaty. Plus, I’m paying for heat that I don’t even want. With all of the other business open opposite hours from myself, I sometimes end up with no heating or air conditioning whatsoever.  The jewelry occasionally forgets all about me, turns off the heat at the end of the day, and I have no way of turning up the thermostat. I have spoken with the landlord and recommended upgrading the heating and cooling system to zoned conditioning. Each business would have access to an independent thermostat, saving us all money.  It would minimize energy use and wear and tear on the heating and cooling equipment. If the landlord does not invest in this upgrade very soon, I will be forced to look for a new location for my studio.

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