How to replace a damaged air conditioner

Right at the end of winter last year, my area got hit by a terrible storm.  There was major winds, tons of rain, thunder and lightning. All of the melting snow created flooding, and lots of trees and branches were knocked down.  We had a tremendous amount of damage at our house. The lawn and basement flooded, and we had to replace the water heater. The furnishings in the basement were totally destroyed.  Our roof sustained damage and several windows were broken. Just cleaning up all of the branches and twigs took a tremendous amount of time and work. We never even thought to inspect our air conditioning system.  It wasn’t until the weather finally warmed up in the summer that we figured out there was a problem. We tried to start up the air conditioner, and it wouldn’t work at all. When we inspected the outdoor component, it was obvious that it had been impacted by the storm.  We called up a local HVAC contractor, but we couldn’t get an appointment for several weeks. Apparently, a lot of people were in a similar situation, and every HVAC company in the area was completely booked up. Once we got an HVAC technician at the house, he confirmed that the air conditioner had been hit by lightning and was not able to be repaired.  We needed to wait for the cooling system to arrive, and then had difficulty getting an installation appointment. Although we were not happy about needing to upgrade the cooling system, we are certainly enjoying the results. The modern air conditioner is far more energy efficient, and costs a lot less to operate. It is much quieter and maintains more even comfort through the house.  

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