How to replace the fan on your air conditioner

I was dumbfounded when the radiator on my like-new vehicle needed to be replaced.  The car only had 10,000 miles on it when I purchased it last year, so the last thing on my mind was getting a sedan with preexisting mechanical issues.  Once I had the car for two months, I started to see the temperature gauge jump despite the rest of the car running near perfectly. Then all of a sudden the needle on the gauge jumped all the way to hot and I could see steam rising out of the hood of my car.  I needed a new radiator and I was incredibly lucky that I got the car to a rolling stop before it accrued more engine damage from the over abundance of heat. The cost was unexpected but I covered it with my dealership warranty. Oddly enough, I am having similar issues with my central air conditioner.  The performance has been questionable for several weeks now so I called my heating and cooling supplier to schedule an appointment for a full system inspection. My air conditioner needed two things—a new fan motor and more coolant for the refrigeration system. Thankfully both of these procedures were covered in full by my service contract.  With no cost to me, I had my air conditioner working like new again after getting the necessary repairs. I hate when I have to get something fixed, but it always pays to get service warranties to cover these sorts of issues when they happen. Sometimes you can save several hundred dollars a year in parts and labor just by purchasing a maintenance contract at a yearly price.

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