Ductless mini split information

I hate it when you buy a product and expect it to come with something with something that it doesn’t.  When I was a kid, I remember buying this large blister pack of trading cards that I thought was supposed to come with one of the cards I had coveted the most.  I saved my allowance for a month to get that pack of cards only to be severely disappointed when I got it home and tore it open. The image in the plastic cover of the card in question was simply a placeholder with the card image printed on it.  The actual card was nowhere to be found. I’ll never forget how upset this situation made me at the time and how unjust it felt, even at that age. I tried to remind myself from that point forward to never make hard and tacit assumptions about purchases, especially large ones.  It’s frustrating to think that the experience didn’t teach me well enough because I ran into something similar recently with one of the largest purchases I have ever made in my life. I was buying a ductless mini split air conditioning system for my apartment. After spending a degree of time selecting the right model and getting an appointment scheduled with the installation crew, I thought I had everything taken care of.  Unfortunately, I found out right after it was installed that the model I selected did not come with a furnace built in. For whatever reason, I made the mistaken assumption that all ductless mini split HVAC systems come equipped with heaters right out the gate. Unfortunately, most ductless mini splits only come equipped with cooling capabilities right out of the box and need to be modified by the professional to get it to handle your indoor heating needs.

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