Zone control is the way to go!

My house is equipped with a ductless mini split and smart thermostat. For a long time I only allowed for the mini split to be in the living room. I loved having control over that room. The smart thermostat made it easy to determine what to set the house at and automatically turned on most of the time. Since it was so easy and saving me money, I added more indoor air handlers into the home. I now have the living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and office with an indoor air handler and a smart thermostat. Each unit is controlled by that individual climate control device. This means that I don’t need to have the one exact temperature. I work out in my office and can up the air conditioning. Just because it is freezing cold during my workout, doesn’t mean my husband has to be cold in the living room. The kitchen can have AC when I am baking and the bedroom is toasty warm. 

Zone control is absolutely amazing to have! I save so much energy now that I have this capability. Unused rooms don’t have to have cooling unless I want them too. I also have many people living in my house. Before temperature control was a mess. Nobody could agree on a thermostat setting and be happy. With zone control there is always an area where somebody agrees with the temperature. I don’t need to sacrifice comfort anymore!

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