Step by step installation of air conditioning

If you have made the decision to try your hand at installing your air conditioning unit, please feel free to use these guidelines. Also, please get help, as two people makes any job easier!

Step 1: Cut off the electricity to where you are working! Everyone knows this but it bears repeating.

Step 2: Let’s begin with the inside unit. Choose a wall that has access to an outside wall because you will need to run refrigerant lines to the outside. Making sure it is level, mount the wall bracket that will hold the a/c.

Step 3: Drill a hole next to the bracket to be able to run refrigerant line, electric cable, and a drain line to the outside.

Step 4: Tape the three lines together and attach them to the indoor unit & run them through the hole to the outside.

Step 5: Attach the indoor unit to the bracket.

Next comes the installation of the a/c’s outdoor unit.

Step 1: Secure the outdoor mounting brackets in the best place.

Step 2: Connect the pipes and wiring from the inside unit to the outside unit.

Step 3: Mount the outdoor unit to the outdoor bracket.

Step 4: Test the air conditioning unit yourself or call in a professional a/c technician to handle the rest of the job.

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