Smart thermostats can totally change the dynamic of your home

I can’t think of a more convenient way to save money than having a smart thermostat. Think about it: it’s a cold day and you need your heater running strong while you’re at home. Then you need to make a quick trip down to the grocery store; it won’t take but 20 minutes. If you turn your HVAC off, it might take forever for it to warm the house back up. If you just turn it down, though, you can keep the house a little warm so it doesn’t have to work so hard when you get home. If you have a smart thermostat, then you can turn the temperature back up before you leave the store, so when you get home your heater is running and you can walk right into a cozy, warm house.

No waiting necessary, and you still saved on energy costs while you were out. Or, say, you’re out of town. A cold front blows in at home, but you’re on the other side of the country. You don’t want your heater to be running while you’re out of town, so you can make sure it’s turned off from wherever you are. No more calling your neighbor and asking them to check your thermostat because you can’t remember if you left your HVAC on or not! Perhaps the biggest reason I would love a smart thermostat is for the middle-of-the-night emergency. You wake up hot and sweaty—no need to get out of bed and stumble around in the dark with a smart thermostat. Just pick your smartphone up off your nightstand and turn on your air conditioner! That sounds almost too good to be true!

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