Knowing when you should replace your old furnace

My husband simply loves the cold weather we have up north. However, I hate it! We live in an older home and it can be very drafty at times. Whenever we have a winter storm, I always crank up the heat and hide under my blankets. This year we decided to do some repairs to our home to make it more bearable during the colder months. We had the windows replaced which was going to help a lot. After we had the windows installed, we had the insulation in our attic replaced. Next, we moved on to another very important item. Our furnace had seen better days and we knew it. The HVAC system in our home was installed in the 1990s. My husband and I decided to have the furnace replaced instead of trying to repair it. We called an HVAC provider in our area and they sent out an estimator. The very nice lady who worked for the HVAC business came to our home. She looked-over our home and our HVAC unit. We got a very affordable quote for the entire HVAC replacement. Work began and our new heating system was being installed. The HVAC technician in charge of the job was very friendly and helpful. The heater replacement work only took 3 days! This was music to our ears because winter was setting in. Now we have a furnace that keeps us very warm even when it is super cold outside. Thanks to the HVAC provider who gave us a deal on our new heater! We had money left over to do some additional work on the home.

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