Installing a duct system, furnace and air conditioner all in the same day!

When I was searching for a house to buy, the location was the priority for me.  I wanted to have a great deal of property, and no neighbors. I wanted to be far away from the city, and enjoy my property.  I found a place with a pond in the backyard, surrounded by trees, with a gorgeous view. Unfortunately, the actual house was a rundown mess.  The wooden porch was completely rotted.

There was water damage to ceilings and walls, and everything was scratched, dented, stained, and dirty.  There was no way I was living in that house until every surface was clean and every system was operating safely. I needed to hire an electrician to handle updates to the wiring, and a plumber to fix the water lines, drains, and septic.  One of my biggest priorities was the HVAC system. The furnace and air conditioner were in terrible condition, and definitely not fit to operate. I didn’t trust the furnace not to burn the house down or poison my family with carbon monoxide. 

I hired an HVAC contractor to service the complete HVAC system, including the duct system. I knew that all sorts of nasty stuff could be hiding in the duct system. Since the heated and cooled air would pass through the ductwork multiple times a day, I wanted to make sure it was not contaminated, clogged, or leaking.  The HVAC technician recommended that the entire duct system be replaced. He said that it was so full of holes, cracks, and debris that it was not worth saving. Even if I invested in a high-efficiency furnace and air conditioner, it would still cost me a fortune to run them because of the problems with the duct system. 

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