I’m not going to use a handyman

If you read my previous blog posts titled, finding a heat pump for my local winery, you know that I had quite a time getting temperature control for my winery. After picking the ductless heat pump option, I had to get someone to install it for me. 

I will admit it, even though I am ashamed, I did contact a local handyman first about the job. The reasoning behind this horrible choice was simple, I thought I was going to save money. I bought my ductless heat pump online for a discount and then I wanted some local guy to set it up for a cheaper cash price. Most of the handymen would not even come to the facility or wanted more money. I finally got one guy willing to do the job and it was a mistake. The guy clearly had never seen a heat pump before and had no idea on how to install it. The handyman also said that I needed to install the heat pump right in front of my building, next to the door. That would have looked just awful! I finally gave him the boot and realized that I had to rely on a professional. 

Finding the right professional required, of course, more research. I am glad that I did the work and paid to have a licensed HVAC contractor do the job. I found a local HVAC company that had experience installing, servicing and repairing heat pumps. The HVAC professional I worked with was amazing. If you want to hear more, check out my next blog post. 

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