I finally got a new air purifier and a new air filter

I hate it when I have to dig up an obscure 800-number to order parts for a small appliance or a piece of furniture.  When I bought my first office chair during college, if I ever wanted to swap out broken parts, you wouldn’t call the store or go to a website.  You had to call a toll free number that was written on the bottom of the seat cushion on a tiny sticker. The first time I had to call to get a replacement arm rest after one of them cracked down the middle, I had some trepidation.  My immediate worry was whether or not they would ask for a credit card number over the phone. When it redirected to a call center overseas, my worries simply grew. To my surprise, all I had to do was give them my serial number and in two weeks I had the part sent to my house for free.  It was a stressful but educational experience for me to say the least. Last week my air purifier indicated that it was in need of a filter change. It has a light on the display screen that goes off after a preselected period of time elapses. Once you replace it, the timer is reset for the next time it needs to be replaced. 

As much as I would have liked the option to buy these filters at the store where I obtained my purifier in the first place, I had to get new ones in much the same manner as I did with the parts for my old office chair. I had to call an 800-number that was included in the manual. Unfortunately, this indoor air quality company does not offer the filters for free, so I bought three in one order to have enough for the next two replacements.  I even got charged for shipping this time around.

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