HVAC in an individual bedroom

The master bedroom in the house is not linked to the central heating and cooling system. The room started off as a screened-in porch, and we closed it up in order to increase our living space. There are no supply or return vents providing temperature control to the bedroom. Although we carefully insulated the walls and ceilings, the space is either freezing cold or overheated, depending on the time of year. Our local area experiences very severe weather, and we’ve been forced to utilize space heaters, heated blankets and a window air conditioner. I’m not satisfied with this method of temperature control. The space heaters and electric blankets aren’t powerful enough to handle sub zero temperatures in the winter, and we often wake up shivering in the middle of the night. I’m a little concerned by the safety of the space heaters and they draw a tremendous amount of energy. Plus, getting out of bed in the morning, is pure torture. I can sometimes see my breath in the room. During the summer months, the window air conditioner maintains a nice and cool temperature, but I don’t like giving up the view from the window. The cooling unit looks very unattractive and having an open window is a security risk. I’ve been reading up on different options for heating and cooling that operate separate from ductwork but are permanently installed. I am hoping for equipment that is compact, energy efficient and includes both heating and cooling. I’m unwilling to tear into our brand new walls and undergo another messy renovation project. I think a ductless heat pump offers the perfect solution. The heating and cooling installation process would only require a small hole in an exterior wall. 

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