Finding the right heating system for you

Living in the northeastern part of the country, the heating system is one of the most important appliances for the home. We rely on the heater for more than half the year. It needs to handle temperatures down to negative twenty-five degrees and operate reliably. Energy efficiency is extremely important in order to reduce both our monthly expenses and our impact on the environment. Having rented several houses with different types of heating systems, my husband and I knew what to look for when we ultimately bought our own home. We were not overly impressed with the performance of forced air furnaces. We’d experienced the drawbacks of ductwork, the overly dry air and heat rising straight up to the ceiling. Plus, furnaces tend to add dust and other pollutants to the air. Since I suffer from allergies and asthma, a clean type of heating is a priority. A boiler is often recommended for people who deal with respiratory issues. Hydronic heating systems doesn’t introduce air contaminants and don’t cause issues with insufficient humidity. The system operates silently, requires very little maintenance and infuses rather than blows heat into the room. Instead of vents that hinder the placement of furniture, we have streamlined baseboard radiators installed around the perimeter of the rooms. They radiate heat from all sides and close the floor. There is very little temperature fluctuation between the floor and ceiling. There are no cold spots or drafts. Plus, a boiler accommodates zone control. We are able to customize temperature setting room-by-room, avoiding the cost of heating empty spaces and tailoring comfort to personal preference.  

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