Concrete walls are not the best when it comes to energy savings

My husband works in an old warehouse that has been converted into multiple work spaces for a variety of companies.  In the winter he doesn’t mind working there except for the whole dust factor. However, when it summer he has a totally different feeling on the matter.  The building he works in has no cooling system, and the owners do not intent on putting one in either. My husband said the warehouse has these big huge massive industrial ceiling fans that run during the summer, but they can’t even feel the slightest breeze from these fans.  All they notices is that there is more dust in the air when these fans are going. He told me that these fans are 30 feet above the floor and on the blades of the fans you can see how covered they are with dust and grim. He said that those blades have so much dust and filth on them that it prevents the fans from making much air movement.  The owners of the building also refuse to clean off the fan blades. The workers have decided to keep the overhead fans off in order to cut down on the movement of dust, in addition to bringing in fans from home and a few of the workers have even brought in window ac units to help cool off the building. Even though they have improvised he still says nothing beats a conventional cooling system and one of the most important things to consider is improved indoor air quality.

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