Air purifiers are perfect for this time of year

I had to suffer through an uncommonly cold winter this past year.  When you have daily averages in the 70s through much of the winter season, having constant cold fronts can catch you off guard.  I have been suffering with lows in the evenings below 40 degrees and it seemed like it would go on forever without stopping. I was hoping and praying for an early spring as some form of respite from the uncomfortable cold.  When spring finally ushered in warmer weather in early March, I wasn’t expecting the onslaught that was about to beseech me. I had forgotten about all of the allergens that had swooped in last year as the weather got naturally warmer. 

While I had hoped I would enjoy the sunshine and the warm breeze, I was completely devastated by my allergy symptoms. It only took 12 months for me to forget about this experience and inevitably, I was faced with the same menace as before.  Although I can’t do much for my allergies while I’m outdoors, short of using the right preventative medication—I have a secret weapon inside my home. I have two air purifiers that I run on opposite ends of my house.

Each air purifier is equipped with a UV light, an ionizer, and a HEPA filter.  Having all of these features in tandem allows me to get extremely clean indoor air. Even if I have suffered for hours while at work for the day, I can count on relief whenever I walk through my front door. I’m lucky because few of my friends and family even know about these machines and even fewer of them would go out and buy one on a whim.  I don’t know how I would address my allergy symptoms without one.

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