A little HVAC maintenance goes a long way

What kind of air conditioning do you have? A lot of people don’t take time to consider the cooling machine currently living in their home. They take it for granted that they have quality cooling when they want it, the moment they demand it. What would happen if the AC system quit in the middle of the summer or right before you leave on a trip? You would be totally screwed without that machine. 

Investing in professional AC maintenance from time to time is smart. When I got my new AC system installed, the next thing the technician asked me was what I wanted to do about service. In order to keep up with the warranty, I needed to be on it with service. Once the warranty was over, the technician still highly recommended professional service.

Anything major in your home needs a little love and care from time to time. It is necessary to get an oil change on the car or your drains cleaned once in a while. For a cooling system 1-2 times a year should be sufficient. Getting the AC machine cleaned, tightened, and lubricated for all moving parts is necessary. A little maintenance each year ensures that you don’t face an unexpected breakdown or a giant AC repair in the future. 

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