What your HVAC technician means when they refer to “air coolant”

My house has been feeling a lot hotter lately than it usually does time a year.  It is only a few weeks into the spring season and yet it feels like the inside of the house is almost higher in temperature than the air outside.  Someone might say that my house gets little to no tree cover so it is bound to get hot in direct sunlight. I might acquiesce to that explanation if I had not lived in this house for the past five years with no changes in indoor climate until this particular spring season.  I even quit leaving my windows open and have tried with my best efforts to drop the temperature inside simply using the central air conditioner and a few fans to help push the cool air around my old house. But for whatever reason, the issues just kept getting worse. I decided to call my heating and cooling supplier.  In some of my internet research, I determined that sometimes air conditioners can drop in performance output when they get low in the coolant that is used to power them. I was hoping that I simply needed my coolant topped off to get my air conditioner working properly again. Thankfully, that was exactly what was wrong with my air conditioning system.  There were not any broken components nor any need to replace the system outright. With just a small labor fee I was able to get my air conditioner working again like new. I am thankful that the problem ended up being so easy to fix.   

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