Make sure you understand SEER ratings before you buy an air conditioner

This next year is going to see updates around the house, from a new roof to new flooring.  I have been putting the new roof off for the past few years while my homeowners insurance company kept pestering me about it repeatedly.  They won’t continue your coverage if you refuse to fix a potentially compromised structure in your home. They would be liable for damages that are simply the result of negligence on part of the homeowner.  Still, I hated having to budget for such a huge expense. Not to mention knowing how insanely loud it would be for the entire process. The floors were going to be an inconvenience as well, since the whole house can’t be finished in a single day.  I decided to schedule them both for the same week and simply rent an inexpensive hotel room out by the interstate. At least this way I could get out of the way while the chaos is playing out through its natural course. As I would be getting radiant heated flooring to replace my central furnace, I was starting to think about scheduling an air conditioner replacement at some point before the summer season started.  I knew that no matter what I did, I needed to find a more efficient machine, one with a higher SEER value. This would designate a powerful machine that efficiently utilizes the energy depleted to power the cooling system and the ratio of this energy depletion to the cooling output and capabilities of the system. After using a weak air conditioner for so many years, I am determined to get a better value for my money this time around.

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