Pets and your air quality

I never intended to have a whole bunch of pets but somehow ended up with two dogs and three cats. I inherited one of the dogs when my brother moved across the country and couldn’t bring the dog. The other dog was a stray who simply showed up on my doorstep. Two of the cats were rescued from a dirty pet store and one was a gift from a former boyfriend. I adore my pets, but they are a great deal of work and expense. Five animals add up to a lot of fur, dander and unpleasant odors. I have concerns with indoor air quality and the performance of the air conditioner and furnace. I know the problems fur can cause if it gets inside the inner workings of the heating and cooling system. Any type of debris can clog filters, restrict airflow and lead to longer running times. The results are greater strain on the components, increased chance of malfunction, shortened service life and much higher monthly bills. I can also expect diminished comfort and contaminated breathing air. I’d rather not pay needlessly high energy bills. I’d like to avoid the expense of a repair or the need to replace the furnace or air conditioner because of an abundance of pet dander. I’d prefer not to live in a smelly, dirty house and suffer health issues because of it. I consulted with a professional HVAC contractor, and he recommended the installation of a whole-home air purifier. The air purifier filters allergens out of the heated/cooled air as it passes through the system. It cleans the air in the entire house eight times every hour and works to kill bacteria and get rid of foul odors.

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