Consider the benefits of zone control

Running a furnace for six to eight straight months adds up to a significant expense. Maintaining the entire house at the ideal comfort level causes the heating system a great deal of wear and tear. It’s most likely working hard to heat empty rooms. The bedrooms are probably unused throughout the day. How often is anyone utilizing the living or dining rooms? Maybe there’s certain areas of the home that tend to feel chilly and others that heat up more quickly. Number of windows, location, insulation levels, occupancy and all sorts of factors affects the heat gain/loss of each particular room. Setting one temperature to accommodate the whole residence is not the most cost-effective method. Unless the furnace is truly outdated, it should accommodate zone control. The installation of zone control isn’t overly invasive. A series of dampers are incorporated into the ductwork to direct and regulate airflow. These dampers are controlled by individual thermostats in each zone. Through wireless technology, the thermostats can be linked to a central hub which can be accessed directly or via a convenient app. This allows independent adjustment of each zone from virtually anywhere you happen to be. From a smartphone, tablet or laptop temperature can be raised or lowered to the requirements of the room or personal preference. The home can be divided into a first and second floor zone or into specific rooms for more precision control. Not only will this upgrade significantly trim monthly costs and improve comfort, but it lessens demands on the furnace. The heating equipment will be less likely to malfunction and should last longer.

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