A duel fuel system can offer a lot of benefits

For year round temperature control, the most common solution is a forced air furnace and central air conditioner. However, there are a lot of benefits to spending more on a dual fuel system. A dual fuel system is the combination of a natural gas furnace and an electric heat pump. A heat pump costs quite a bit more money than central air conditioning. However, it pays for itself in energy savings. This innovative means of temperature control combines both heating and cooling capacity. It works much like a conventional air conditioner, utilizing refrigerant to convey heat energy. The heat pump has the capability of reversing the flow of refrigerant. During the summer months, it draws heat out of the home and pumps it outdoors, creating a cooling effect. When the outside temperature cools off, the system switches to find ambient heat in the outdoor air. Even during chilly weather, there is heat available. The heat pump compresses this heat to a higher temperature and delivers it into the home. Because the system doesn’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat, there’s no combustion process. There’s no fumes, flames, hot surfaces or greenhouse gases. An electric heat pump is wonderful environmentally responsible and efficient. It costs less to operate than a central air conditioner or a gas furnace. Plus, the heat pump provides the added perks of effective dehumidification and air filtration. It won’t dry out the air during heating mode. The drawback of a heat pump is that it loses effectiveness when the temperature drops below freezing. With a dual fuel system, the furnace automatically takes over, handling comfort for as long as necessary. Homeowners enjoy lower utility bills all year round and ideal comfort. 

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