Leaking ductwork can be a major heating and cooling issue

I am a long-haul truck driver and spend most of my time on the road. When I am not working, I love to spend time at home with my girlfriend and our two dogs. My girlfriend and I have spent a lot of time and money on remodeling our home. We put a new roof on since the old roof was leaking. We also replaced all the windows. After doing all that work, we noticed that our home was still very cold in the winter. We always wondered why some rooms were colder than others.

Last year, I got fed up and decided to do something about our problem. While I am a great truck driver, I know nothing about HVAC systems. So I called a local HVAC provider and told them my issue. I explained that while our heating and cooling system was running, some rooms would remain cold. The nice lady said she would send out an HVAC technician to see what they could do to help.

In just a few hours, a very helpful HVAC technician showed up. He checked the inside HVAC blower unit and found nothing wrong. Then, he made sure the outside HVAC coil and compressor was working properly. Again, he found nothing wrong! Then, he went under the house and found the heating and cooling ductwork had been pulled loose in different areas. He fixed the issue by reattaching the HVAC duct and wrapping it with protective tape. Next, he fired up the HVAC unit and set it on heat. In just a few minutes, the entire house was warm! Thanks to this very smart HVAC technician, our heating problems were solved!

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