Having my heat pump professionally installed

For my winery I choose to get a ductless heat pump system. I needed both heating and cooling in one unit with the ability to provide temperature control year around. I did not like the thought of energy loss or care associated with ductwork. That is why I landed on that final product. Due to bad experiences with local handymen, I ended up hiring a real HVAC contractor for the job and it was such a smart move.

I thought for sure I was going to get raked over the coals on pricing. Also, because of what a local handyman said, I thought my heat pump would need to be installed right by my front door. The HVAC professional informed me that if I wanted to save on wiring and refrigerant tubing length I could do that. The only reason the handyman would push that is that his personal costs would have been lowered. The HVAC professional explained the whole heat pump installation process. For a ductless heat pump there is an indoor air handler and outdoor air compressor that need to be in a 50 foot range and mounted on an exterior wall. Basically a hole is drilled for the conduit. Next, wiring and refrigerant tubing is fed to each device. The HVAC professional made it sound easier than it looked. It took the guy around an hour and he did it with ease. It was such a relief knowing I was getting a heat pump installed the right way. Improperly installed HVAC units end up with shortened life spans, more HVAC repairs and higher energy bills.

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