Finding a HVAC system for our local winery

Everybody in my family is somehow involved in the grape business. My father has tons of grape farms all in our local area. For years the grapes were sold only to make grape juice and jelly. I had bigger aspirations beyond that and decided to start making wine out of the concord grapes. I started out just doing the wine making process in my parent’s basement. The indoor air conditions and lack of HVAC seriously affected my wine. I then decided to actually invest a little money in order to make a lot more. I had a wine facility erected on my father’s vineyards. The grapes are literally inches away from the building that wine is being made. I also got wine tanks, carboys and tons of shelving to hold all my things. The last thing I needed was a HVAC system.

With making wine, temperature control is really essential. Living in the north, the cold comes quickly and gets down to sub zero temperatures. I needed a quality heating system installed in the facility to ensure the wine doesn’t get too cold. That doesn’t mean a northern summer isn’t brutal as well. I want my wine facility to hover around 70 degrees and that meant I needed to invest in AC as well. When I started thinking about temperature and adding a HVAC system, I was totally clueless. I had to look up what HVAC stood for and I had to find what system works best for my facility. I did not want to mess with the ductwork installation since my building was already standing. I did not want to deal with two separate units, one for AC and one for heating. After a little hunting around, I did find my perfect system!

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