Do your air ducts smell bad?

If you have ever walked into your house and smelled something horrible, you have also probably spent a lot of time trying to find the source of that smell. One time I came home from work and noticed a horrible smell. I checked the trash and there was nothing in there gone bad. I spent the next few hours searching my house from top to bottom trying to find the smell. I felt like I was going crazy and every time my heat would kick on the smell would get worse. I soon realized the bad smell was coming from my HVAC system ducts. I immediately called the HVAC technicians and asked them if they could come out and fix the problem. They came out that same day and had found the source of the smell in no time. A rodent had crawled into the ductwork and died. It was the source of the horrible smell. They not only removed the rodent but also cleaned out my entire duct system so it was less likely to attract pests and would allow air to blow into my home more easily. They also found the piece of the ductwork that the rodent had entered and repaired it to make sure the problem didn’t happen again. Once my ductwork was clean, the smell went away. I noticed my home stayed warmer and I was confident that there wouldn’t be any other bad smell or sneaky rodents trying to enter my home. I am so glad I didn’t waste any more time trying to find the smell and called the HVAC team when I did.

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