A new furnace often pays for itself

In cold weather areas, there’s no way to get away without a heating system. When the outside temperature drops down below freezing, or even into the negative digits, the heating equipment carries a heavy workload. In the average household, the cost of temperature control adds up to about fifty percent of the utility bills. That’s a big impact on the environment and the budget. So what can you do to minimize both expenses and your carbon footprint? Very often, outdated furnaces, boilers and other styles if heating units are not very energy efficient. Not only is the technology below today’s standards but older systems have typically lost efficiency over the years. Even with regular maintenance, hardworking equipment will gradually draw more energy and cost more to operate. While a brand new heating system is a major investment, a replacement often pays for itself. Today’s heating technology achieves efficiency levels up to 98% AFUE. These options include adaptable speed capability, allowing the equipment to automatically adjust capacity to meet the changing demands of the home. By operating anywhere between 40 and 100% capacity, the furnace maintains more even temperature, offers greater efficiency levels and minimizes wear and tear on the equipment. The lower speeds help to avoid the need to add a humidifier. Plus, you’ll take advantage of greater reliability and manufacturer’s warranty. You’ll spend less on monthly bills while enjoying superior comfort, safety and air quality. Most HVAC contractors offer free evaluation of the existing heater, free estimates on replacement and low interest loans to assist with the cost.

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