A dehumidifier will help rid your home of unwanted airborne particles

It’s hard to fathom what real humidity feels like when you grow up in a desert region.  Unless we were experiencing a rare rain shower, you could expect outdoor moisture levels to be as low or lower than 10%.  There is almost non-stop sunshine with regular dust storms to break the monotony. My parents moved us when I was eight years old, and I remember them asking me at the time if I was ready for the change of pace we were about to experience in our move across the country.  Even if you try to educate a young child on the differences you’d expect to feel in one environment versus another, it’s next to impossible for them to conceptualize this difference without some reference point of some kind. When I stepped off the air plane for the first time, it felt like I had been suddenly wrapped in an uncompromisingly snug and warm blanket.  Getting used to this change felt next to impossible, especially as I would break out in a sweat no matter what the temperature would be outside one day or another. I’m surprised that I managed to stay in this region ever since my parents moved me here two decades ago. I have learned to deal with the excessive humidity by using a portable dehumidifier. I can plug it into a standard wall outlet and it can drain continuously if you run a garden hose out the back into a floor drain.  The dehumidifier that I own now can get my indoor climate lower than 30% humidity, which is a huge difference compared to the 90-100% humidity outside on any given day.  

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