UV air purifiers could help save lives

After several years of increasingly poor respiratory health, while constantly struggling with shortness of breath in all situations and scenarios, my doctor diagnosed me with chronic asthma.  It took me by surprise despite my recent symptoms, largely because I have been athletic ever since I was a little boy. I played in sports all the way up until college and am still in somewhat decent shape right now.  The real sign came as I kept struggling to keep up with the same speed on the treadmill at the gym. I knew I had to see a doctor when I could barely keep up with my normal regimen. Now I am in a process of preventative care.  I do whatever I can to prevent myself from having asthmatic reactions to various environmental stimuli. My doctor prescribed me a powerful antihistamine to take and two different inhalers to keep on hand whenever I was experiencing symptoms.  Funny that it’s the nasal spray that I like the most, largely because it is so effective at clearing up congestion in a flash. With these steps, I also like to make sure my air conditioner is as clean as it can possibly be. That means preventing mold growth before it even starts.  Since the inside of the air handler where the evaporator coil is located is a common place for microbial growth, I had my HVAC technician install UV-C bulbs inside to prevent any kind of fungal reproduction. The bright ultraviolet light creates an environment where spores are burnt up and destroyed before they can take hold.  My lungs are thankful for the upgrade.

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