I find myself more concerned than ever before about indoor air quality

When I was driving an old beater car that had gone through 15 years of abuse, I never gave any thought to its finish or keeping the body safe from scratches and dings.  I accidentally backed into a tree once with that car and despite mashing my back bumper considerably, I barely blinked from the incident. Things have radically changed after I paid my down payment for a three-year car loan.  When you have a brand new car in your possession, you’re thinking of every last thing that could potentially devalue the precious and expensive purchase. Suddenly I was getting regular oil changes and I was fussing over the car’s exterior.  I watched every day to see if I could detect any dents or dings that were left by someone in a parking lot. When I found a mark from a shopping cart one day, I realized that I was allowing myself to get extremely angry over the small blemish on an otherwise flawless vehicle.  Still, it’s completely reasonable to fixate on a car’s finish. Each spring we get a lot of airborne allergens that threaten respiratory health, especially for those prone to allergy symptoms like myself. My car gets coated in pollen as it sits outside all day long. This pollen will get into the HVAC system in my house, as well as the air conditioner inside of my car.  I end up changing the filters for both air conditioners towards the end of the spring season after the onslaught of pollen has finally scaled back. Usually just keeping my filters swapped out regularly is one way to keep myself from experiencing too many allergic reactions. I really need to find a quality air purifier.

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